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About the website :

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Between 1999 and early 2003, all Event10’s projects were created
in tight collaboration with Gilles Frappier (ex-cofounder of E10) and Thomas Toqué.

Thanks to my guardian-angel, Gloria Pedemonte (Tsunami-Addiction) for her driving actions.
Thanks to the B-boy, Joël Dagès (Plateforme Bureau) for his ideas and his freestyle sensitivity.
Thanks to the most ambitious girls of Amsterdam, Jessica Gysel and Mo Veld (Best Company).
Thanks to Dorothée Perret for her long time support.

Thanks to Joachim Breton, Thomas and Olivier Toqué (Stepcode) for this precious working tool ;
it could have never existed without them. Thanks to Damien Poncet, Julien Rohel, Françoispier
and Relpot to have graciously given the Evenement N°10 of their Label.

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