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Hypo - Micro-Hits ! (Anthony Keyeux)


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Hypo : Micro-Hits - Sound Design

Anthony Keyeux is a musician working under the name of Hypo.
To this day, he has released five playful and uncategorizable electropop albums,
each of which has been critically acclaimed by the international press.

With well over a hundred concerts to his credit since 2001,
Hypo has performed in Europe as well as Japan. Among the numerous places
where his music has been presented are the Centre Pompidou and the Agnès B. Gallery
in Paris, Berlin’s Podewil Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Vooruit in Ghent,
the F.I. of Bucharest, Matsuyama’s planetarium and the Mediabrera in Milan.

Hypo has developed projects in fields as diverse as fashion, advertising, cinema
and contemporary art. His experience ranges from composing the sound design of websites
dedicated to exhibitions taking place at the Palais de Tokyo to mixing and editing rock
and R&B music for fashion shows such as those of Gaspard Yurkievich, Caterpillar, Lee
and Christian Lacroix. He also created the soundtrack for “Peoz”, a film presented
at the Venice Film Festival, and was awarded the first prize of the Lesieur
contest for the score of an animated movie.
The album “Micro-Hits” sounds in itself like a top 20 chart.

Fredi B - English translation : Justine Delloye


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