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In-Store #0 (Plateforme Bureau)


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In-Store Session No 0, Paris - Itinerant Urban Shop
Du 1er au 5 Septembre 2006

Window of diffusion for a certain urban atmosphere, gathering on a same
platform some emergent or already established brands, artists, magazines, books,
dvds and others axes contributing to the urban culture and new technologies
around an imposing and current graphical art.

Participants :
Artysm (www.artysm.com)
Consortium (www.consortiumwear.com)
Cumpaz Elements (www.cumpazelements.com)
Denjo (www.denjobrothers.com)
Event10 (www.event10.com)
Jee-Vice (www.jeevice.com)
Keep Company (www.keepcompany.com)
Ooga Booga Store (www.oogaboogastore.com)
Othentik (avec les marques Visible Elephant 47 [www.visiele47.com] et Pearl)
Shoboshobo (www.shoboshobo.com)
Wasted German Youth (www.paul-snowden.com)
Nintendo DS Lite (www.nintendo-europe.com)

Exhibition : "Shoboshobo - Mehdi Hercberg, drawings..."
Shop window by Khanh-Linh La and Mehdi Hercberg

Events : Showcases

Place : Le Bouclard
10, Passage du Grand Cerf 75002 Paris - France
Subway Etienne Marcel - www.le-bouclard.com

News/ Mailing : info@plateformebureau.com

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