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Genau (Tsunami-Addiction)


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Also rock, also delicate, also girlie, also young
A delicate FURY, a fine URGENCY & a soft IMMEDIACY

He was a bit drunk and he just phoned her to have a little fun.
She must have taken him for someone else.
But how was he going to get out of the cage ?
“Show them the baby ! They’ll follow you out !”
She got a crowbar from dad’s toolbox and got to work.
He was sure that she was thinking the same thing he was...

Genau "you got it !" "exactly !" in German idiom, gives a pretty good idea
of the sound of this duo who first got together around two years ago. Valentine Borlant
and Nikolu - two voices, a drum machine, a bass, guitars, effects pedals, a computer
and sharp lyrics... all that and the common will to use and abuse, create and innovate.
A girl and a boy, two different outlooks, two backgrounds, two realities bound together,
complementing each other perfectly in lifestyle, culturally, musically and vocally.
Genau : fierce determination, love and hate and an overwhelming sense of now !
Using their influences with naivety and insolence, Genau have no desire and no choice
other than to make their music. It’s the way forward, the driving force, the only way out.
Walk the tightrope and make it twang !


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